Story of Abiquiú The People View of Abiquiú Interviews

We would like to express our gratitude for the wonderful experience that we received working on this project with the Office of the State Historian in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Working along side with the State Historian, Estevan Raél Galvez, and the Assistant State Historian, Dennis Trujillo, our eyes and our hearts were opened to the amazing people and places of enchanting New Mexico. Along the journey of our research, we encountered some contacts that were very helpful in our quest to understand the different views of our state history. We extend many thanks to the ones from Abiquiú who participated in our interviews and our inquiring of the past. There are five people in particular that we want to thank; Isabel Trujillo, Virgil Trujillo, David Lopez, Malcolm Ebright, and Mr. Ramon Dominguéz. Thank you for sharing. Finally, we would like to thank a fellow student, Mary Louise Sena, who gladly donated her time and her beautiful voice for the audio in this exhibit.

The following materials were gathered for research and insight:

Abiquiú and Don Cacahuate: A Folk History of a New Mexican Village by Gilberto Benito Cordova 1973
The Abiquiú Story by F. Stanley
Land Grants and the Law: Spain, Mexico, and New Mexico by Malcolm Ebright
The Abiquiú Genizaro Grant by Malcolm Ebright 2005
Wisdom Sits in Places by Keith H. Basso
Valley of Shining Stone The Story of Abiquiú by Lesley Poling-Kempes

State Archives of New Mexico
1 Abiquiú Agency McNitt Collection 140 Folder 21 Image #2754
2 Abiquiú Campo Santo Durston Collection Image #36983
3 Abiquiú History Sign NM Dept. of Transportation #34645
4 Abiquiú Home Lambert Collection 132 Image #29505
5 Abiquiú Morada E. Boyd Collection 20 Image #25939
6 Abiquiú Old town Lambert Collection 132 Folder 29
7 Abiquiú PLC 52 F4 #1
8 Abiquiú PLC 247 F2 #1
9 Abiquiú SG 140 F199 #1
10 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #2
11 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #3
12 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #4
13 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #5
14 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #6
15 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #7
16 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #8
17 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #9
18 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #10
19 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #11
20 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #12
21 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #13
22 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #14
23 Abiquiú SG 140 F 199 #15
24 Abiquiú Torreon Ruin Lambert Collection File132 Image # 29509
25 Abiquiú Torreon Ruin Lambert Collection File 132 Image #29510

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