Story of Abiquiú The People View of Abiquiú Interviews
      We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of sitting down with both David Lopez, Virgil Trujillo, Ramon Dominguez, and Malcolm Ebright for interviews. Below you’ll see and hear clips from some of these interviews. .
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Video Clip 1 David Lopez Video Clip 2 David Lopez
Land Affecting Culture Measurements of Land Received/Loss of Identity
Audio Clip 1 David Lopez

Adjudication & Alienation of Non-English Speakers

Audio Clip 2 David Lopez
Audio Clip 3 David Lopez

Kearney Code: Mexican citizenship vs. U.S. Citizenship

Community of Moque

Audio Clip 4 David Lopez
Audio Clip 5 David Lopez

Audio from Video Clip 1

Units of Measurement for Common Land

Audio Clip 6 David Lopez
Audio Clip 7 David Lopez

Audio from Video Clip 2

An Individual’s Identity

Audio Clip 8 David Lopez
Audio Clip 9 David Lopez

Understanding Abiquiú

The former Way of Life in Abiquiú

Audio Clip 10 David Lopez
Audio Clip 11 Virgil Trujillo

Story of a Horse Wrangler

Current State of the Abiquiú Land Grant

Audio Clip 12 Virgil Trujillo
Audio Clip 13 Virgil Trujillo

How “Genízaro” Applies to Abiquiú

Ransom Defined

Audio Clip 14 Virgil Trujillo
Audio Clip 15 Virgil Trujillo

Protecting the Area

Working the Land

Audio Clip 16 Virgil Trujillo
Audio Clip 17 Virgil Trujillo

Trading vs. Fighting

Crude Interpretation of Genízaro