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Atanasio Roibal

ATANASIO ROIBAL, stockraiser, (Rep.) delegate San Miguel Co.; b. Ma 2, 1859, Pecos, N. M.; s. of Antonio and Cesaria (Maes) Roibal; educ. St. Michael's college, Santa Fe, N. M.; entered merc. establishment in Pecos, 1879; established business in Rowe, N. M.; 1890; stockraiser since 1900; deputy assessor San Miguel Co., 1900; chief clerk terr. senate, 1899; postmaster Pecos, fifteen years; chairman board of county com. San Miguel Co., 1907-9.

Address: Pecos, N. M.

Deceased May 16, 1911.


Commission of Public Records-State Records Center and Archives