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The Fight for Statehood

New Mexico's Fight for Statehood


"Morley's Map of New Mexico

Compiled from the Latest Government surveys and other reliable surveys

Ent. Acc. of Congress in the Year 1873 by Harry Whigham and G.A. Bushnell

in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, Washington, D.C."

In 1939, the New Mexico Historical Review began publishing a series of essays written by University of New Mexico history professor Marion Dargan. Although each had its own area of emphasis and focus, at times even leaving the state, all focused on "New Mexico's Fight for Statehood, 1895-1912." 


Part 1:   Political Leaders of the Latter Half of the 1890s and Statehood


Part 2:  The Attitude of the Territorial Press


Part 4:  Opposition within the Territory During the Nineties


Part 7:  The Part Played by the Press of the Southwest

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