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George W. Prichard

GEORGE W. PRICHARD, attorney, (Rep.) delegate Santa Fe Co.; b. Aug.5, 1850, New Harmony, Ind.; educ. by private tutors in Evansville, Ind.; grad. Univ. of Mich. law and literary depts., 1872; 1866 removed to Little Rock Ark.; 1879 practiced law in Denver, Colo.; came to Las Vegas, N. M., and procticed law, 1880-4; mem. Arkansas leg., 1873; delegate Nat. Rep. Con. at Cincinnati, and Hayes Pres. Elector, 1876; colonel on staff of Gov. Powell H. Clayton, Arkansas, 1871-2; mem. New Mexico senate, from San Miguel county, 1887-9; dist. atty. Southern dist. New Mex.; atty. gen. New Mex., 1904-6; re-appointed 1907;mem. Elks, K. of P.

Address: Santa Fe, N. M.


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