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Juan Navarro

JUAN NAVARRO, del. Mora  Co., farmer. (Rep.); b. Sept, 11, 1848, Mora, N. M; s. of J. Francisco and Maria Antonio (Martinez) Navarro: educ. pub. and priv. schls. and Christian Bros. College, Mora; after leaving school immediately engaged in farming, following that occupation ever since; sheriff and collector,  Mora Co. 1889-90; mem. N. Mex. Senate, 1901; probate clerk and recorder,  Mora Co., 1905-7;

mem.  N. M. Senate, 1909; mem. and secy. Bd. Terr. Penitentiary Comm.,1898-1902; mem. Rep. Terr. Central Comm. 1905-9; elected

Nov.  7, 1911, as member of first state senate from 2nd District.

Address: Mora. N. M.


Commission of Public Records-State Records Center and Archives