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Thomas Jewett Mabry

THOS. JEWETT MABRY, editor and publisher, (Dem.) delegate Curry Co.; b. Oct. 17, 1885, Cunningham, Carlisle Co., Ky.; s. of Jesse and Onie L. Mabry; early educ. dist. and Bardwell (Ky.) city schools; Weatherford (Okla.) H. S.; Univ. of Okla. (Norman), 1906; Univ. of New Mex. (Albuquerque), 1907-8; for number of years was connected with White Lumber and Coal Co. in Okla., as local manager in Foss, Putnam, Elk City and, Arapahoe; 1908 established Clovis (N. M,) Journal, of which he is editor and president of the publishing corporation; writer for southwestern newspapers and national magazines; youngest member of the Constitutional convention; elected Nov. 7, 1911, as member first state senate from 23rd Dist.

Address: Clovis, N. M.


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