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John G. Clancy

JOHN G. CLANCY, stockraiser and ranchman, (Rep.) delegate Guadalupe Co.; b Nov. 30, 1836, Brattleboro, Vermont; s. of Cornelius and Jane Clancy; early education school of Brattleboro and French’s Academy, Boston; went to sea about 1854 on clipper ships around Cape Horn and to San Francisco; captain and officer sailing and steam ships Panama-San Francisco line; supt. No. American Steamship Co., Nicaragua; prospected several yrs. in Mexico, lower California and Nevada; quit sea in 1870 and became interested in purchase of Guadalupe Island off San Diego, Calif., where he established Angora goat farm, 1873; removed to New Mex., and located in Puerta de Luna; 1875 removed to San Francisco as stock broker; 1887 went to Arizona where he purchased some fine sheep and brought them to New Mexico, 1878; mem. New Mexico Constitutional Convention, 1889; mem. New Mex. House of Rep., 1893.

Address: Puerta de Luna, N. M.


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