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Writings of Fabian Garcia

Partial Bibliography of the Writings of Fabián García
Compiled by Rick Hendricks

Press Bulletins of the State College Experiment Station

351 Plant Pollinizers in Orchards

363 Tomato Culture

378 A Good List of Varieties of Fruits for New Mexico

379 Cold Frames and Early Cabbage

384 Size of Apple Trees to Plant

398 Grape Culture

405 Chile Culture

415 El Guzano de la Manzana (Codling Moth)

420 Thinning Apples

421 Propagation of Chamiza (Atriplex Canescens)

424 Sweet Peas

428 Transplanting Trees

430 A Good List of Fruit Trees for New Mexico

449 Cabbage Culture, Part 1

463 Planting Onion Seed in the Fall for Transplanting

467 Pecan Experiments

475 Spring Planting of Onion Seed in the Field

486 Thinning Peaches

488 Late Irrigation and Cultivation of Onions in the Mesilla Valley

497 (No. 430 Revised) A Good List of Fruits for New Mexico


Regular Bulletins of the State College Experiment Station

27 Report on Plums  by George Vestal and Fabian Garcia (1898)

30 The Effect of Spring Frosts on the Peach Crop: With Cultural Notes on the Peach in New Mexico (1899)

39 Orchard Notes: Apricot, Cherries, Plums, Quinces, Figs, Pruning Back the Peach (1901)

41 Spraying Orchards for the Codling Moth (1902)

47 Shade Trees and other Ornamentals (1903)

52 Onion Culture (1904); Abstract of Bulletin No. 52 on Onion Culture (1904)

58 European Grapes (1906)

63 Melon Culture (1907)

65 Codling Moth Investigations during 1903 and 1904 (1907)

67 Chile Culture (1908)

68 Injurious Insects (1908)

70 Sweet Potato Culture (1909)

74 Onion Tests, 1905-1909 (1910)

75 Apple Culture under Irrigation (1910)

76 Peach Experiments, 1906-1910 by Fabián García and J.E. Mundell (1911)

82 Growing Denia Onion Seed (1912)

85 Grape Crown-Gall Investigations by  Fabián García and J.W. Rigney (1913)

89 Hardiness of Fruit-Buds and Flowers to Frost by Fabián García and J.W. Rigney (1914)

92 Onions, Spinach, Cauliflower and Casabas by Fabián García and J.W. Rigney (1915)

99 Peas as an Orchard Green Manure and Cover Crop (1915)

100 Winter Protection of the Vinifera Grape  by Fabián García and J.W. Rigney (1916)

105 New Mexico Beans (1917)

113 Climate in Relation to Crop Adaptation in New Mexico by Charles E. Linney and Fabián García (1918)

115 La cebolla, el ajo y la espinaca (1918)

124 Improved Variety No. 9 of Native Chile (1921)

134 Preliminary Smudging Experiments by Fabián García and A.B. Fite (1922)

145 Preliminary Pecan Experiments by Fabían García and A.B. Fite (1925)

165 Pear Variety Test by A.B. Fite and Fabián García (1928)

174 Plum Variety Test by A.B. Fite and Fabián García (1929)

182 Climate as It Affects Crops and Ranges in New Mexico by Charles E. Linney, Fabian Garcia, E.C. Hollinger (1930)

193 Early Grano Onion Culture by Fabián García and A.B. Fite (1931)

198 Cherry Variety Test by A.B. Fite and Fabián García (1932)

216 Reduction of Chile Wilt by Cultural Methods (1933)

218 Results of Irish potato Experiments in the Bluewater, New Mexico, Irrigation District by Fabián García and S.C. Young (1934)

236 Results of Bean Experiments on the Storrie Irrigation Project, Las Vegas, N.M.  by Fabián García and Shelby Utz (1936)


New Mexico Farm Courier

July 1919

“The Sweet Potato”

August 1919

“Orchard Soils—Brown Spots”

October 1919

“Onion Culture”

February 1920

“Growing Garden Peas”

April 1920

“Chile Pepper Culture”

May 1920

“May ‘Drop’ of Fruit”

July 1920

“Tomato Culture”

November 1920

“Crop Adaptation in New Mexico”

January 1921

“Cold Frames and Early Cabbage”


Organized Farming


“Varieties of Apples to Grow”

“Planting Vegetables”

“Pruning Sweet Potato Vines”


“Improved Variety No. 9 of Native Chile”

“Grape Culture”

“Chile: Its Culture in the Rio Grande Valley”

“Rio Grande Valley Fruit”

“Spring is on the Wing: Plant Trees and Shrubs”

“Guard Against Phylloxera”

“Spanish Onion is Well Adapted to the Mesilla Valley”


Organized Farming and Rio Grande Farmer


“The College Proves Smudging Pays”

“Denia Onions Do Well”

“Careful Pruning Necessary to Orchard Operation”

“European Grapes Well Adapted to the Mesilla Valley”

“The Results of Orchard Heating”

“Apples for New Mexico”

“Normal April Means Big Fruit Crop in Mesilla Valley”

“Quality of Fruit Trees is Improved by Thinning”


Rio Grande Farmer


“Onion Growing at High Altitudes”

“Onion Well Adapted to New Mexico”

“Nearly All Kinds of Fruits and Vegetables can be Profitably Grown in Valley”


Extension Newsletter


26 August “This Onion has Too Many Names”

10 February “Graft or Top Work Pecan Tree Seedlings”

3 March “Now is the Time to Uncover Grape Vines”

24 March “Early Blossoms Risk Late Frost”

26 May “Grow Quality Peaches Rather than Quantity”


Rio Grande Republican

13 February 1909 “Pruning the Apple Trees”

27 February 1909 “Varieties of Fruits”

14 May 1909 “Starting Celery Seed”

22 October 1909 “Development of the Onion Industry in Mesilla Valley”

28 December 1912 “Pollination of the Bartlett Pear”

 Other Publications

“History of Fruit Growing in New Mexico,” in “A Chapter of History and Sentiment,” in Proceedings of the 29th Biennial Session of the American Pomological Society Held in  Kansas City, Mo., September 19‑21, 1905 ([Cleveland: The Society, [1905]),83-88.


“New Mexico, Horticultural Prospects of,” in Cyclopedia of American Horticulture in Four Volumes, N-Q, by L. H. Bailey, assisted by Wilhelm Miller (New York: The Macmillian Company, 1901), 1,082-84