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New Light on the Family and Origins of Governor Albino Pérez

By Rick Hendricks and Robert D. Martínez

There is a certain amount of misinformation associated with the family and origins of Governor Albino Pérez that can be readily cleared up. Although his place of birth is often given as Veracruz, the record of his marriage states that he was a native of Valladolid (present-day Morelia, Michoacán).[1] His parents, whose names in his  marriage record are don Ignacio Pérez de Villarreal and doña María Ventura Iriarte, wed in Valladolid on 3 February 1800.[2] Presumably Albino was born some time after their wedding, but his baptismal record has not been located.

His parents' marriage record states that don Ignacio Pérez de Villarreal was a native of Mexico City who had been living in Valladolid for three years. He was the widower of doña María Guadalupe Albarrán, who died and was buried in San José ten years earlier. His wife, María Ventura Iriarte, was the daughter of unknown parents.

Confusion about the name of Albino's wife stems from the fact that her surname was apparently misread as "Alarid" rather than "Alaniz."[3] Albino Pérez married doña María de la Concepción Alaniz on 11 July 1827 in the chapel of San Antonio in the Cathedral parish in Mexico City. She was the daughter of don Francisco Alaniz and doña María Inés Lucero.


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