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Mora Family Origins


A census of the Bernalillo community made circa 1803 lists Salvador Mora, age thirty-two (born circa 1771), and his wife Rosa Salazar, age twenty-eight (born circa 1775). This couple was enumerated with six children: Francisco, age fourteen (born circa 1789); Antonio, age twelve (born circa 1791); Juan Diego, age ten (born circa 1793); Juan Domingo, age eight (born circa 1795); María Guadalupe, age six (born circa 1797); and Rafael, age one (born circa1802).

As Chávez notes in Origins of New Mexico Families, the Mora family surname has been difficult to pinpoint. Now, the family of Salvador Mora and Rosa Salazar can be added into the mix of Mora people of colonial New Mexico.

Researcher: José Antonio Esquibel

Source: New Mexico Archives, Museum of New Mexico, Misc. Docs. N.D. Vol. 178 (family no. 40).

Information courtesy of José Antonio Esquibel, from the website, Beyond Origins of New Mexico Families.