Fred Geary

Fred Geary was an artist who designed promotional materials about New Mexico for Fred Harvey & Co.

Fred Geary was born in 1894 in Missouri.  He created images that were used in railway promotional brochures for Fred Harvey & Co., whose personnel ran the restaurants for the Santa Fe Railroad hotels and train-car service.  He has been called the "Harvey artist," and he worked with architect and designer Mary E.J. Colter on a number of Harvey projects, as well as other projects such as the Alvarado Hotel in Albuquerque.  In addition, Geary illustrated for a magazine titled Navajo Medicine Man, and also created mural painting at the El Navajo Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico, and pictographs at Grand Canyon National Park in the Desert View Watchtower designed by Colter. He died circa 1955.

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Fred Geary; artist; Fred Harvey; Harvey Artist; Alvarado Hotel