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Chaves County Courthouse


"And if Europeans were to come into this city and see this magnificent building they would be astonished to think of such a structure in what they still regard as the wild and wooly west of America."
Governor Herbert J. Hagerman, 1912

The Chaves County Courthouse, a solid Beaux Arts building ornamented to the hilt, dominates a landscaped square north of Roswell’s downtown business district. Facing Main Street, its enormous green terracotta tile domed roof catches the eye and is taller than any surrounding building.

Built in 1911, on the cusp of statehood, the three-story rectangular brick building, resplendent in classical capitals, garlands and shields, signaled the ambitions of this new county. To make its statement, the county commission selected a majestic Beaux Arts design of symmetry and symbol that, when completed, rivaled the Territorial capitol in both scale and message.