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Taos County Sheriffs and Mayors

Compiled and Contributed by Alberto Vidaurre

Following are the names of the men who served as Taos County Sheriffs/Alguacil Mayors from the year 1846 to the year 2000. I feel that these men should be honored and remembered for their years of service trying to make their communities a better place.

I extend my thanks to the following people who assisted me in locating and obtaining some of the information listed. They are former Sheriffs, Arturo "Fasho" Trujillo and Glen Weathers, also Frank Trujillo, a descendant of Sheriff Antonio Faustin Trujillo who served from 1900 to 1904,Taos County Clerk Jeanette G. Rael and all her staff, especially Katie Lujan.
To all of you, thank you for all your help........Mil Gracias !

Please note that the date to the left of the names may not be when the person was elected Sheriff but is the date they are mentioned in a document as Sheriff.



Stephen Louis Lee killed in the 19 Jan 1847 Revolt.

First Sheriff appointed by the American Government.

1 March 1847

"Archibald Charles Metcalf presented his bond for the office of Taos County Sheriff."(Information on Metcalf and St. Vrain that follows is from the article by: Janet Le Compte," Archibald Charles Metcalf." In the Raices y Ramas Journal of the National Society of Hispanic Genealogy. Volume 1, No.2 Spring 1999, p. 69).


The book "DESERT LAWMAN: The High Sheriffs of New Mexico and Arizona 1846—1919." By Larry D. Ball. Published by the University of New Mexico Press has a list of the Sheriffs of Taos County from 1846 to 1912. See Appendix A. Listed among the Sheriffs is Bonifacio Barron 1886

11 Nov 1918


Antonio Faustin Trujillo obituary listed as the former Sheriff who has died of influenza and the father of the now Sheriff Juan Trujillo.

“La Revista de Taos." microfilmed newspapers

7 Jan 1905

Silviano Lucero Alguacil Mayor won the election 8 Nov 1904 with 143 vote majority. Bernardino Cisneros Deputy Sheriff.

4 Jan 1906

Silviano Lucero, Alguacil Mayor. Pablo v. Gomes, Deputy Sheriff.

8 Jan 1907

Donaciano Graham elected Alguacil Mayor.

8 Jan 1909

Elizardo Quintana, Alguacil Mayor. Pablo Quintana, Diputado Alguacil Mayor

7 Jan 1910

Elizardo Quintana, Alguacil Mayor, Son of Melaquiades Quintana.

5 May 1911

Elizardo Quintana, Alguacil Mayor.

19 Jan 1912

Sinecio Sisneros, Alguacil Mayor de El Prado.

25 Jan 1913

Sinecio Sisneros, Alguacil Mayor Juan Smith, Diputado.

16 Jan 1914

Demetrio Esquibel, Alguacil Mayor.

26 Feb 1915

Demóstenes Martinez, Diptuado Alguacil.

25 April 1915

Demetrio Esquivel, Alguacil Mayor.

5 Jan 1917

Demetrio Esquivel, Alguacil Mayor.

1 Feb 1918

Demetrio Esquivel, Alguacil Mayor.(Murió El Viernes 11:00 PM.  Reported in the 28 Jan 1921 La Revista de Taos Newspaper).

26 July 1918

Demetrio Esquivel, Sheriff. J. A. Salazar, Deputy Sheriff; Demostenes Martinez, Deputy Sheriff; Juan D. Trujillo, Jailer; Donaciano LaForet, Deputy Sheriff; Felix Sisneros, Constable; Benigno Martinez, Deputy Sheriff; Edward Anderson, Deputy Sheriff ;George B. Brazelton, Deputy Sheriff; Jose Isidro Gonzales, Deputy Sheriff; Rafael Martinez, Deputy Sheriff.

13 Nov 1918

Juan Francisco Trujillo elected Alguacil Mayor, also listed as elected Alguacil Mayor in his father's Antonio Faustin Trujillo 11 Nov 1918 obituary.

4 Feb 1921

Manuel O. Trujillo, Alguacil Mayor.

10 Feb 1922

Manuel O. Trujillo, Alguacil Mayor.


The following information was found in the microfilmed newspapers "La Revista Popular de Nuevo Mexico."

19 Nov 1922

David Struck, Alguacil Mayor. (His photo is on the 31 Dec 1922, No.11 La Revista Popular de Nuevo México newspaper)

8 Dec 1923

David Struck, Alguacil Mayor, M. C. Martinez, Diputado.

8 Jan 1924

David Struck, Alguacil Mayor. Manuel C. Martinez, Diputado.

8 Nov 1924

William Santisteban, Won election for Taos County Sheriff, Term starts Jan 1925.

8 Jan 1927

Antonio Gonzales, Alguacil Mayor. Malaquías Martinez, Jr. Diputado;  Fermín Garcia Carcelero.

14 Jan 1928

Antonio Gonzales, Sheriff.

5 Jan 1929

Antonio Gonzales, Sheriff

14 Jan 1931

J. Eloy Flores, Sheriff. Willie L. Martinez, Diputado Alguacil.

23 Nov 1932

J. Laureano Cisneros, De Questa, Alguacil Mayor.


The following information was found in the microfilmed Newspaper "Taos Review and Taos Valley News."

23 Sept 1935

Sheriff Mr. .Martinez, Under Sheriff Mr. Sanchez.(No first names or other identifying information listed).

5 Nov 1936

Malaquías Martinez Jr., Alguacil Mayor.

5 April 1937

Malaquías Martinez Jr. County Sheriff; Eloy V. Martinez, Under Sheriff.

27 Jan 1938

Malaquías Martinez, Sheriff.

24 Mar 1938

Undersheriff Eloy Martinez son of Leocadio Martinez.

3 Nov 1938

J. Isidro Montoya elected Alguacil Mayor.

14 March 1940

Isidro Montoya, Sheriff.

16 May 1940

J. I. Montoya, Sheriff.

25 July 1940

J. Isidro Montoya (Photo Taos Valley News 25 July 1940).

4 Nov 1941

J. Isidro Montoya Re-elected Sheriff. New term starts Jan 1942.


Eliseo Miera, Sheriff


Eliseo Miera, Sheriff


Amarente Vigil, Sheriff


Amarente Vigil, Sheriff.


Columbus Ferguson, Sheriff.


Uvaldo Sandoval, Sheriff.


Uvaldo Sandoval, Sheriff. Zack Martinez, Constable. (Both in photo book "Taos Pictorial History." By John Sherman), U. K. Watts, Constable.

19 April 1956

Edmundo Quintana, Sheriff

27 June 1957

Edmundo Quintana, Sheriff. Willie Romero Undersheriff. (Both in Photo El Crespusculo de la Libertad Newspaper, 22 June 1957)

8 May 1958

Edmundo Quintana, Sheriff.

14 Jan 1960

Edmundo Quintana Sheriff.


Arturo "Fasho" Trujillo, Sheriff.


Anselmo Valerio, Sheriff.


Edwardo Montoya, Sheriff


Arturo "Fasho" Trujillo.


Arturo "Fasho" Trujillo, Sheriff, Henry Pacheco, Undersheriff.


Felipe J. Cordova, Sheriff.


Felipe J. Cordova, Sheriff.


Felipe J. Cordova, Sheriff.


Arturo "Fasho" Trujillo, Sheriff.


Felipe J. Cordova, Sheriff.


Anselmo Valerio, Sheriff.


Felipe J. Cordova, Sheriff.


Felipe J. Cordova, Sheriff.


Anselmo Valerio, Sheriff.


Glenn Weathers, Sheriff.


Glenn Weathers, Sheriff. First four year term Sheriff.


Glenn Weathers, Sheriff.

1 Jan 1998

Charlie Martinez, Sheriff.


I was informed that Venceslao Martinez also served as Sheriff, but I could not find him mentioned in any document. I was told he served between 1940 and 1960.