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Sandoval Martinez Family Genealogy


Juan de Sandoval Martínez (ONMF: 282) and Juana Hernández came to New Mexico in 1694 with one son, Miguel de Sandoval Martínez. They were the parents of at least two other children who did not come with them to New Mexico. These children were:

María Magdalena Sandoval Martínez y Hernández, baptized 4 August 1688, Santa Vera Cruz Church, Mexico City. Her padrinos were Diego Calderón and María Hernández.

Lorenza María Guadalupe Martínez Sandoval y Hernández, baptized 20 August 1691, Santa Vera Cruz Church, Mexico City. Her madrina was María de la Concepción y Riancho.


Researcher: José Antonio Esquibel

Source: Mexico City, Mexico, Santa Vera Cruz Church, Bautismos 1669-1708, LDS microfilm #0035821.

Information courtesy of José Antonio Esquibel, from the website, Beyond Origins of New Mexico Families.