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Joseph Chacón Medina Salazar y Villasenor

In 1705, Admiral Joseph Chacon Medina Salazar y Villasenor, marques de la Penuela, received his appointment from the king.  In 1709, a war was waged against the Navajos in retribution for raiding.  Following an attack upon Jemez Pueblo, Governor Chacon's war constituted one of the most vigorous campaigns against the Navajos, defeating them and compelling them to make a treaty of peace.  While there is little recorded following this campaign, there are complaints noted from Franciscans to authorities in Mexico regarding abuses of the governor and the alcaldes in making the Indians perform menial services.  This governor was also responsible for the renovation of the chapel of San Miguel, which had been erected about one hundred years previous but then destroyed in 1680.  On the rafters of this chapel is carved the following inscription: El Senor Marques de la Penuela hizo esta fabrica; el Alferes Real Don Agustin Flores Vergara, su criado. Ano de 1710. Translation: His Lordship the Marquis de la Penuela, erected this building; the Royal Ensign Don Agustin Flores Vergara, his servant. A.D. 1710.  Following the expiration of his term of office, the Marques de la Penuela retired as governor of New Mexico.