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How Grants Received its Name

It was in 1881 that the small town of Alamitos started its upward trend. During this year the railroad was built through this place, and since Alamitos was about midway between Albuquerque and Gallup the railroad company decided upon Alamitos as their coaling-station, which led to the building of a depot, section house and coal chute. The company employed for the construction of these buildings was the firm of Grant Brothers Company. When the buildings were completed the railroad decided to name the town Grant after the Grant Brothers Company.

Soon the Spanish people got accustomed to the change from Alamitos to Grant, but as they began mixing the Spanish and English languages two letters were added to the original name of Grant so that it then became “Grantes." In later years, the vowel “e” was dropped and now the original Alamitos is known as Grants.

Source of Information:
Mr. Justo J. Gabaldon, Teacher, Grants Grade School
(from a local research project made by Grants Grade School pupils), Grants, New Mexico.