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Hernando de Ugarte y la Concha, will

Will of Governor Hernando de Ugarte y la Concha[1]

Translation by Rick Hendricks

 [fol. 1r]

In the name of God almighty amen.

Be it known by this letter that I, General Hernando de Ugarte y la Concha, citizen of this city of Mexico in New Spain, legitimate son of Juan de Ugarte and Juana de Anguicia, deceased, natives of the city of Fuenterabía in the province of Guipúzcoa in the Kingdoms of Castile, whence I come, being ill in bed and in my right mind and with my memory intact, believing as I do believe in the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, three distinct persons and one divine essence, and in everything else that our Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church has, believes, and confesses, in which faith I have lived and profess to live and die, choosing as I chose as my intersessor and advocate the Holy Virgin, Mother of God and our lady so that she may intercede with her most precious Son, pardon my sins, and guide my actions

 [fol 1v]

actions, for greater sucess.

Desiring to place my soul on the path to salvation, fearing death, which is a natural thing, I grant that I am making and ordering my will with the clauses and in the following manner:


Item: I declare that I have in the Real and Mines of San José del Parral in the possession of Captain Francisco de Lima twenty-six buckskin doublets from New Mexico = two good, wool beadspreads = one iron crowbar that weighs forty-four pounds = two Chichmec Indian girls whose names I do not remember. What is mentioned in this clause, which is in the possession of Francisco de Lima, I order him to deliver to María de la Concha, wife of What’s His Name de Melendres, Spanish soldier in the Presidio of Cerrogordo. I order this as alms (without having, as I do not have, any obligation whatsoever) to unburden my conscience.

In order to carry out and pay for this

[fol. 2]

my will and bequests and what is contained therein, I leave and name as my executor and holder of goods Juan de Zamalloa to whom I grant power of attorney as the law requires so that he may take charge of my goods, collect, control, administer, and sell them for cash or otherwise as he sees fit and use this charge as long as necessary, even though the year of executorship has passed for as much more time as may be necessary ; I subrogate it to him—

As for what may remain from all of my goods, debts, rights, and investments that in any way belongs to me, I institute and name as my universal heir Juan de Zamalloa

[fol. 2v]

Mindful of  having neither legal heirs nor descendants, I beg and charge him to do all the good for my soul that I trust in because of his Christianity and good zeal. 

I revoke, annul, and state that any other wills, bequests, codicils, powers of attorney to make a will, and final dispositions before this one I might have made in writing or orally are null and of no value or effect so that they will not be valid or be certified, in or out of court other than this one that I want to be good as my last will and testament, which is made in the city of Mexico on 23 November 1654. I know the grantor

[fol. 3r]

and that it is well known that he appears to be in his right mind and memory. He signed it. Witnesses were Father fray Miguel de Tovar of the Order of Our Father Saint Francis, Juan Pérez de Alcibia, royal scribe, Juan del Abasán, Francisco de Vega, and Juan de Estrada, citizens of this city. Hernando de Ugartte y la Concha before me, Martín de Molina Guerra, His Majesty's scribe.

As is of record from the clauses of the oritinal testament that remains in my register, and at the request of Juan de Zamalloa as executor and universal heir of Governor Hernando de la Concha, I had a copy made, which he said he wanted to fulfill what was ordered in the clause inserted herein,

[fol. 3v]

which was for him to deliver to María de la Concha what was contained in the clause. In Mexico City on 18 June 1655. Witnesses: Francisco de Vega and Nicolás Bernal, citizens of this city. Emended. I signed it in testimony to the truth.

Martin de Molina Guerra

His Majesty’s scribe [rúbrica] 


[1] Hernando de Ugarte y la Concha, Will, Mexico City, 18 June 1650, Archivo Histórico de Hidalgo del Parral, roll 1656B, frame 1045b-1049b.