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David F. Cargo

Born: 1-13-1929

David Francis Cargo was born in Dowagiac, Michigan, on January 13, 1929. He received a B.A. (1951), M.A. (1953) and LL.B. (1957) all from the University of Michigan. He served with the United States Army in Germany from 1953 to 1955. He was a member of the Republican party.  Before becoming governor, Mr. Cargo served in the New Mexico House of Representatives for three terms, from 1962 until elected Governor.  While there he filed one of the first legislative reapportionment suits in America and prevailed. The legislature was reapportioned according to population. In 1966, David F. Cargo was elected Governor of the State of New Mexico and served two terms, from 1967 until 1971.  After office he served as Chairman of the Four Corners Regional Commission encompassing New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. In 1971 and 1979, he was awarded the New Mexico Wildlife Federation Award as the outstanding conservationist and environmentalist in the State of New Mexico.