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Crespin Family Genealogy


Chávez mentioned that Cristóbal Crespín (ONMF: 167) was recruited along with other families of Zacatecas, and that his mother, or mother-in-law was a woman named Juana de Ancizo (ONMF: 125 & 167).

As it turns out, Cristóbal Crespín came to New Mexico in late 1693 with his mother, Juana de Ancizo, and four siblings. In 1698, Juana de Ancizo, identified as negra (African) or mulata (African and Indian) and a resident of Santa Fe, gave testimony that she and her five children had enlisted at Fresnillo in Nueva Galicia as settlers for New Mexico when Vargas was recruiting colonists.

In the previous year, Juana de Ancizo was accounted for among the settlers receiving livestock from Governor Vargas. In her household were these children: Marcos, Cristóbal, Juana, and Pedro. This family was listed among the other settlers recruited at Zacatecas and Sombrerete in 1693 by Vargas. Juana de Ancizo was a widow of Miguel de la Cruz de Lara, who was deceased when his family came to New Mexico. Based on several sources, the early Crespín-Ancizo family looks like this:

  1. Miguel de la Cruz de Lara, mulato, died before June 1693; married Juana de Ancizo (also known as Encizo), negra or mulata, both natives of Zacatecas. Their children:

2.1 María de Ancizo, of Zacatecas, married Agustín de la Cruz (ONMF: 167), lobo.

2.2 Josefa de la Encarnación, of Sombrerete, married Ignacio Losano (ONMF: 208), of Sombrerete.

2.3 Marcos [Crespín]

2.4 Cristóbal Crespín (apparently the progenitor of the Crespín family in New Mexico).

2.4 Juana de Ancizo, born circa 1678, Zacatecas; married 30 January 1698, Santa Fe, with Francisco de la Rosa, born circa 1672, Celaya, Nueva España, son of Miguel Pérez and María de la Rosa, mestizos.


Researcher: John B. Colligan and José Antonio Esquibel

Sources: SANM II: 71, frames 545-47; SANM II: 65, frames 66 & 139; John B. Colligan, "Vargas' 1693 Recruits for the Resettlement of New Mexico," in Genealogical Journal: Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research, Vol. II, 1995, Raul J. Guerra, ed.: 193-196.

Information courtesy of José Antonio Esquibel, from the website, Beyond Origins of New Mexico Families.