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Creation Story of the Tamaya Pueblo

The people of Tamaya Pueblo who have occupied their current site in central New Mexico since at least the late 1500s, believe their ancestors originated from a subterranean world to the north.

Assisted by their mother Iyatiko, they ascended through four worlds--

the white,



and yellow worlds--

before emerging at Siapapu into this, the fifth world.

These people, called Keresans, moved south to a place called White House where they lived with the gods who taught them what they needed to know about living in this hostile world.

The Keresans, however, eventually became quarrelsome, arguing with the kachinas, the gods primarily in control of the rain, and later amongst themselves.

This angered Iyatiko, who altered the Keresan language so that each faction spoke a separate tongue.

The Keresans abandoned White House and the various factions settled in different places.

One group moved further south, settling at the present site of Tamaya.