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Celebrating With Food: 1912

By Rick Hendricks

The celebration of the attainment of statehood in January 1912 was followed soon thereafter by the inaugural festivities for William C. McDonald, the first governor of the State of New Mexico. The menu for the meal following the inaugural ball was surprisingly modest, centered around chicken salad. Other menus taken from various state newspapers from 1912 show that other meals were more elaborate. Only one such menu, at a meal in Santa Fe for newspapermen, featured what is generally considered New Mexico cuisine.

The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Tuesday January 16, 1912, Page Three

Inaugural Festivities End in a Blaze of Light and Joy

Reception and Ball Last evening Crowning Features of Social Gaieties in Capital City—Eight Hundred Attended Dance.

. . .

The Dining Room.
. . . Silver candelabra shed a soft glow over the fourteen tables at which the guests were served the menu including:
Chicken Salad
Ice Cream


The Deming Headlight
Deming, Luna County, New Mexico, December 6, 1912, Front page:

Big Banquet of Chamber of Commerce
The third annual dinner of the Chamber of Commerce will take place at the Harvey House, Tuesday at 8:30 p.m., December 10. The following is the Menu for the occasion:

Oyster Cocktail
Boullion en Tasse
Radishes              Olives
Tranches of Salmon—Ravigote
Saratogo Chips
Roast Young Turkey—Stuffed
Cranberry Sauce
Whipped Potatoes                   Brussels Sprouts
Lettuce and Tomato Salad
French Dressing
Caramel Ice Cream              Assorted Cake
American Cheese                 Toasted Wafers
Demi Tasse


(Announcement, same page)

Supper and Bazaar.
The Ladies’ Aid Society of the Christian Church will serve a general supper Wednesday evening, Dec. 11 beginning at 5 p.m. at the old Mahoney building on Silver Avenue.
The menu will consist of:

Roast Beef and Gravy
Sweet Potatoes roasted with Meat
Mashed Potatoes                Baked Beans
Salmon Salad      Jelly        Butter
Hot Biscuits and Maple Syrup
Stewed Apples
Cake and Coffee



The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Friday, March 29, 1912, Page Three:

Farewell Banquet by Senators Catron and Fall
Both Wearers of the Toga Make Brilliant and Happy Addresses—Good Feeling and Enthusiasm Prevailed.

. . .
The following was the menu:

Oyster Cocktail
Queen Olives     Crisp Celery
Baked Halibut      Sauce Italiene
Claret Wine
Stuffed Young Turkey
Cranberry Sauce
Braised Fillet of Veal, Wine Sauce
Crabmeat Salad
Hot French Star Rolls
French Peas       Snowflake Potatoes
French Eggnog
Caramel Cake
Fruit Assorted Nuts

The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Thursday, March 28, 1912 Page Six:

On the Cost of Bohemia
Col. Collier Tenders Newspaper Men at Santa Fe a Real Banquet
‘Twas a Gustatory Delight
Coming from the Land of Heart’s Desire, He Praises New Mexico

Prepared by Lorenzo Guiterrez and Family:

Chile con Lengua


The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Saturday, April 20, 1912 Page Eight:

Watson Dinner.

Mr. P. C. Watson, the Insurance man of Pueblo, gave a stag dinner at the Montezuma Hotel last Saturday for a few of his friends here. The following is the menu:

New York Country Green Celery
Consommé Royale in Cups
Sour Pickles         Olives
Stuffed Young         Turkey
Clam Dressing         Apple Jelly
Natural Potatoes
Champagne Punch
Porterhouse Steak         Mushroom Sauce
Julienne Potatoes         French Peas
Asparagus Salad         Mayonnaise
Sliced Pineapple         Assorted Cake
Café Noir


The Rio Grande Republican
Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, New Mexico, Tuesday, January 9, 1912  Front page
Members of Dona Ana County Bar Honor Judge and Successor
. . .
The menu consisted of

Oyster Cocktail
Celery       Pickles       Queen Olives
Roast Young Turkey     Oyster Dressing
Grape Punch
Asparagus Salad
Salted Almonds         Fresh Mints
Ice Cream        Assorted Cakes


The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Saturday, January 13, 1912 Page Six:
In Honor of Retiring Judge and Successor.

The menu consisted of:

Oyster Cocktails
Celery       Pickles       Queen Olives
Roast Young Turkey    Oyster Dressing
French Peas
Grape punch
Asparagus salad
Salted almonds
Fruit Mints
Ice Cream       Assorted Cakes