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Alianza Federal de Merced in New Mexico

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Reies Lopez Tijerina

Tijerina, a charismatic religious leader from Texas moves to Arizona and then to New Mexico. He devotes his life to restoring the rights of the disenfranchised people of Northern New Mexico to their historic land grant properties.

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Echo Amphitheater Occupation

In 1966, Reies Lopez Tijerina and members of the Alianza Federal de Merced occupy Echo Amphitheater in the Carson National Forest to draw public attention to the theft of land grants in Northern New Mexico.


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Tierra Amarilla Courthouse Raid

A raid on the Tierra Amarilla Courthouse to free Alianza members held as prisoners goes terribly awry when it is found that they are not there.

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Eulogio Salazar Murder

Although it is said that many people know who did it, the murder of Eulogio Salazar in January 1968 -- six months after the courthouse raid at Tierra Amarilla--remains unsolved today.