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1920 New Mexico Ratifies 19th Amendment

Event: 1920

Adoption of the l9th Amendment gave women the right to vote. Adelina Otero-Warren, the niece of the popular head of the state's Republican Party at the time helped lead Mexican American women into the political mainstream. Bilingual flyers and speeches in Spanish at public rallies brought support for suffrage among both men and women in the Hispanic communities. Otero-Warren enjoyed such a loyal following that she was chosen by Alice Paul to lead the state Congressional Union in 1917. Her mission was to bombard the New Mexico congressional delegation to win their support in the battle to pass the "Susan B. Anthony" (19th) Amendment. With her help the amendment passed through Congress and to the states for ratification. New Mexico women won full suffrage at last with the final ratification by the state legislature of the amendment in 1920.